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Photos and more information will be posted soon!

    Like many Americans, we at respect our Veterans for their service and their sacrifices. Military personnel are our country's true heroes. This is the Miller's way of giving back to Veterans. As with many others, the Millers were saddened by stories and news articles of Veterans that had passed away and were buried without ceremony or any family present. Their belief is that all individuals deserve the dignity of a respectable burial. Because of their love for their draft horse, Valor, and his abilities, Valor For Veterans was designed to offer a horse drawn wagon to carry a Veteran in their flag-draped casket on the final leg of their procession to the cemetery

    Working with local funeral homes, the Millers are volunteering their time, Valor and wagon to honor our U.S. Veterans, so that no Veteran is buried alone or without due respect. 

    As this is a new program, please contact us  for further information. 

Valor for Veterans Business Card Front V
Valor for Veterans Business Card Front V
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